Are you ready to spice things up?

Learn secrets for negative-energy free living...

If you want to live a more inspired, passionate life, transform relationships and be overall happier....without any doubt hesitation and you want it FAST...


What You Will Discover...

  • Recognize toxic relationships in your life

  • Discover your insecurities and ways to handle them

  • Love yourself deeper and radiate sexual energy

  • Unlock your natural attractive force

  • Learn to have harmonious relationships

  • Stimulate your largest pleasure centers to live a happier life

  • Discover and live your true purpose in life

  • Master and use your spiritual abilities

Reclaim Your Power

AMP Up Your Love Vibes - Class One

Make some fresh starts using Quantum Energy Tools to discover, balance, clear and reset your energy, taking back your power. Happy, content vibes are very sexy! When you begin clearing the energetic clutter that blocks your light from begin to soar. 

  • Gain understanding of what you need to get your energy flowing in balance so you can have balance in what you give and receive.

  • You are solely responsible for your own energetic sphere and realizing that is taking back your power.

  • Almost like magic, using the correct tools to help you get into balance energetically with yourself. This is the REAL secret to HAVING lasting ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS in every area of your life.

Repair Radiant Love

SECRETS to Love Is In Your Aura - Class Two

When your energy pathways are flowing smoothly, you magnetically draw LOVE into your life, infusing it with passion, improving current relationships or find lasting love.

  • A strong healthy energetic boundary system is vital for successful living.

  • Reclaiming your unique energy vibes resets your original radiant and attractive love essence.

  • Learn to create energy mockups for manifesting ANYTHING you DESIRE.

Restoring Natural Energy

Balance Inner With Outer World - Class Three

Release invisible disrupting energy alters your life experiences, situations, feelings and ways of being. It’s THE SECRET to magnetically invoke the Law of Attraction, creating ‘miracles’. 

  • Connecting with and releasing invisible disrupting energy patterns changes your energy field and brings your inner and outer worlds into alignment. 

  • Releasing energetic stress from past encounters allows your natural love and sexual magnetism to perform at optimal levels and creating your true heart’s desires.

  • Clear beliefs and energy you absorbed about sex from childhood. The magic of these techniques is that you don’t have to relive every experience to release it.

Natural Magnetic Self

Release Sexual Blocks In Brain - Class Four

Re-align chakras with Universal flow to get more of what you want. Release energies blocking the flow and attract the love you desire + so much more. 

  • Get into flow with the Universal principles simply GETS you MORE of what you want.

  • Sexual energy is the source of your life force energy and KEY to a happy life. Connect, harness and radiate it. 

  • Send energetic love letters to your desired person of interest.

Here's the program in a nutshell...

It's actually pretty simple...

  • Easy Download

    Receive the class bundle and listen to one each week in your PJs after the kids go to bed or anytime you declare some ME time.

  • Listen to Meditation Daily 

    With all these special tools in your bag, you have plenty to choose from to LOVE UP Your Life. The more you practice--the faster, better the results. Yes--Come to me baby!

  • Step-By-Step Guidance

    All you have to is find a quiet time, sit down and hit PLAY. You are guided on a journey for your ultimate success. Crank up those LOVE vibes baby!

  • Notice What's Different

    Sometimes it's tricky in the beginning, so be on the lookout for shifts in thinking, ways of doing things, feelings and how others treat you. Let go and have some FUN with this!

Here's What LOVE UP Your Life Includes...

So many times we fill our plates and never eat what's on it. These extras might feel like overkill but I want you to have the resources and support for every possible success on your journey of discovery and opening to the great unknown deep within yourself and beyond the five senses.

LOVE UP Your Life Classes

Four unique classes employing the basics of Quantum Energy Tools to clear your aura and aligning you with Universal flow. You will love how you feel as have more synchronicity and stuff just magically starts happening. That's what I call "everyday miracles". 

LOVE UP Your Life eBook

PLUS Guided Meditation guides you through every step of the exact 10 Steps invoking The Law of Attraction into your life. Just listen and follow along. Don't sweat the process as the tools and practice do all the heavy lifting.

Quantum Energy Tools

You should absolutely be using these everyday and you cannot overdo this part of the practice. Nor can I emphasize their POWER. They are short and sweet and make you feel like a million bucks.

LOVE UP Your Life Training

Everything you need to immediately kick your manifesting energy into gear of creating more of what you want in your life and LESS of what you Don't Want! 

$99.00 one time payment

Training Praise

Here's just a few students have shared about the results they are noticing.

More Positive Everday!


 I can’t believe the shifts in my life from following the 10-steps of LOVE UP Your Life. I feel more confident and sexier than ever before and after just a few days of starting the practice, I ran into an old flame and have fallen head over heels again. WOW—this totally rocks! Thank you so much!

Feel Like A New Person!


I’ve wasted so much time and money on useless programs that promise the moon; I was a little skeptical before buying another program BUT I’m glad I gave LUYL a try. I’ve seen a great improvement in how I feel everyday--I feel like new person and has transformed my life and well on the way to feeling stronger and more confident.

Secret Keys to Self!


This feels like I now have SECRET keys to connecting with my true self. This is not a program on how to love--it’s a program on how to get love flowing in your life. Following the program has given me spring in my step and I feel myself easing out of my shell. 

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