Making Miracles...


Gain a deeper understanding of who you are...

With a greater degree of control over your life and having the ability to heal blocks and wounds that you may not yet even be aware of.

For professionals, therapists, energy workers,  and anyone interested in seeking their own healing, crave mastery, understanding of the deeper mysteries life and who don't want their life left to chance.

This training is NOT for individuals who are closed-minded, or who are not yet ready to take responsibility for the fact that they create their own reality.



Besides Your Physical Body...

It's your energy body that determines how you feel, how people respond to you, and literally creates your reality.

This 10-week training is a deep-dive into one of the most practical systems of spirituality and explains how the health of your energy body, chakras, affects every part of your life. This training empowers you, healing blockages in your energy body, regaining balance in areas of your life that need attention, and gain a deeper appreciation for yourself and others.


In it, you'll discover

  1. Ancient wisdom applied to 21st century living for self-healing ...
  2. Greater level self-mastery, awareness, confidence and understanding...
  3. How raising and healing your chakras translates to Making Miracles!

Are you ready to join me on the journey within?

What's Included in Training ...

This is for individuals who are excited about developing self-mastery and inner healing abilities. It's  designed to be SERIOUSLY entertaining, as I deliver content in my engaging and often irreverent style that highly contrasts with more traditional 'boring' spiritual teachers.

  • Over 20 Hours Training

    This training includes over 24 hours of intensive content and guided journeys..

  • Self-Guided Journey

    Just plug into your device and follow along through your individual healing process.

  • Professional

    Receive qualified professional expert training that takes you beyond your individual reach.

  • Online

    Receive one class per week and listen at your convenience.

  • (4) 60 mins Sessions

    For maximum healing and transformation, receive personal support with Amirah.

  • Bonus Meditations

    Besides over 20 hours of training, receive additional bonus meditations for support.

  • Signed Copy of Book

    Receive your own signed copy of Manifesting Miracles 101 book for the journey.

  • Private

    Take the journey in the privacy and comfort of your own space and time.


I’m Amirah Hall

Chakra Healing & Miracle Mentor 

Amirah left the corporate world of technology sales and marketing after a near-death experience while on a spiritual pilgrimage in Egypt. Since then, she’s helped thousands of people tap into their spiritual side through meditation and energy balancing practices. She’s been featured in Gulf News of Dubai, Ritz Carleton Wellness Week, The Light Connection, is a published author and has appeared on telesummits, podcasts including Radiant Intuitive Women, Be The Change, Transformation to Joy, Effective Healing Summit, Healing with Music and Manifesting Wealth Retreat.

Praise for Training

Others before you have paved the way for you to step into your spiritual healing power as they have, making miracles along the way. 


Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher

I'm taking charge of my life (I'm BACK to a bigger newer version of me) feeling more confident in who I am and my work. I feel so much more aligned than when I began the training. Now I have access to deeper levels of healing and clairvoyance through Amirah's tools, colors that are beyond the limits of vocabulary. I truly love using the QETools because they are simple, fun and powerful too. Synchronicities are popping up everywhere -- I'm a whole new me!


Life Coach / Standup Comedian

Having completed all of Amirah's programs, I continue to work with her attaining higher levels of awareness and self healing. I am amazed at the depth of my understanding now compared to when I began over 10 years ago. Connecting with my deeper self & emotions has helped me know myself, my strengths & weaknesses which are fundamental for growth. Clearing implants and beings actually made me think and act completely differently. This training has been truly transformational for me.


Naturopath / Aromatherapist 

Before, I lacked of self-confidence and looked to others to validate my choices.

Now, I realize that I gave away my power to others! This training helped me connect with my authentic self and know for certain that I am making the right choices. I have a clear vision of my life, feel secure within and liberated to dream bigger, knowing I have the power to achieve my desires. In terms of my own naturopathic practice, my intuition is NOW accurate, dependable and vivid.

Coleen B

Intuitive Healer and Teacher

As an intuitive healer and retired nurse, I’ve worked with many industry leaders but have never once felt a high chakra space held like this before and I could see Amirah’s energy without being inside her space. It's  bright as a light bulb and powerful. It's as if I found the missing puzzle pieces for my own spiritual work and healing. I am not as reactive emotionally to outside influences. I feel more confident, grounded and have healthier boundaries with my relationships flourishing.


Web Designer 

I didn't really know what to expect going into this training but I can say Amirah delivered way beyond anything I could have imagined. Having been on the path for awhile, I have experienced other teachers but never able to dig as deep as with this training. No question this is the real deal, transforming cobwebs into many unexpected surprises and wonders. Many times I found myself scratching my head wondering, "how did I do that?!" It's truly amazing!



I began this training when my life was upside down, and after 3 weeks it shifted so radically -- I don't recognize it. From struggling at a dead-end job, to starting my own business I'm flying high, happier than I've think I've ever been and am so excited about my life's new direction, I'm over-joyed and shocked at the fast turn-around. It truly is magical and life transforming. My friends all wonder what the heck happened to me.