Intuitive Mastery 

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Here's what you're getting with Intuitive Mastery Training and how it can help you NOW.

Step by Step Experience

Clear, Strong Intuition is True Power!

The ultimate secret to achieving success in everything you do is having clear, strong intuition. That is TRUE POWER!  Being able to trust your intuition without hesitation is pure gold!

  • Turning Up Your Light with proper guidance is vital because the very nature of intuition has many twists and turns. Go from operating in safe-mode, to being super-charged and living in what feels like high definition techno-color.  

  • Dive Deep Into Experiences and access hidden parts of yourself that have never been explored. Intuition is developed not by reading but through real life experiences and situations.

  • Expanding Genuine Intuition happens as you begin to truly integrate with your true self and your deeper essence.

Safe, Practical and Grounded

Trusting Intuition Is Pure Gold!

Finely tuned intuition gives you access to a bigger picture, new perspectives and possibilities previously hidden from your view.

  • Connect With Non-Physical Realms using safe, practical techniques, connecting with your intuitive voice, inner vision and non-physical realms beyond belief. It's heart and mind opening!

  • Reach University Levels of Intuition and access innate wisdom (that will blow your mind) and intuition from a University level of consciousness f 

  • Beyond Trusting Your Gut you safely traverse rocky blocks of unconscious energy increasing confidence daily,  empowering you every step of the way. . Explore uncharted realms without hesitation, discovering what it means to truly be powerful and present.

Align Inner GPS

Heal Yourself and Others

Having the right tools and expert direction to release buried memories and emotions is like getting out of a self-imposed prison of lifelong turbulence.  

  • Safely and gently releasing energy blocks from toxic feelings, pain and struggle creates a natural, healthy path for your intuition to flow, natural wisdom to flourish and wonderful experiences to blossom.

  • Naturally begin healing yourself, others. Become a powerful manifestor. When you can manage your own energies, and become adept at moving energies you literally begin making miracles in your every day world.

  • Open your natural magnetic self and powerful intuition to be in the right places, at right times, with right people and situations. It’s like a giant spiritual puzzle coming together where all the pieces fit easily and effortlessly together. There’s nothing more magical than that. 

Empath Protection

See and Manage Energy

We all learn the ABC’s in school but no one has taught us about what we are—ENERGY. We learn how to brush our teeth and shower but we were never taught how to clear our energy field. In order to clearly and consistently connect with our intuition, we need to be able to manage our energy.

  • Powerful beyond positive thinking and affirmations, energy is actively creating every aspect of your life right now. In fact, what you are currently feeling right now, has already set the future in motion. YIKES! 

  • As a highly sensitive person, learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires and other negative, foreign and undesired energies. If energy cannot be contained only re-directed and transmuted, it’s empowering when you know how to handle it. 

  • Know how to reset your energy for balance, joy and wellbeing you initiate energetic changes that impact and create your future. And, rather than shutting down our highly sensitive selves, using the correct tools we create more of what you want and less of what we don’t want.

  • Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries by strengthening your aura and redirecting energies rather than falsely trying to 'shield or protect'. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg...

How The Training Works...

It's actually pretty simple...

  • Easy Online Access

    Listen to one new class each week in your PJs after the kids go to bed or anytime you can sit down for YOUR time.

  • Download & Re-Listen 

    You can also download to be available when you are offline or without internet.

    How cool is that! 

  • Step-By-Step Training

    With professional mentorship, you're guided through the bumps on the road for your ultimate success. Eureka!!!


  • Submit Responses 

    Personal support to the questions after each class for clarity, insights and additional guidance.  

Here's the meat and potatoes

What's Included...

Some of this is the stuff is visible and some of it isn't. But here's the deal ... there's so much written between the lines that you cannot read with your eyes. I'm saying this because that in a nut shell is very much what the whole training is like.... there's way more beneath the surface. (wink wink)

  • Online Training

    Receive one class per week and listen at your convenience.

  • Ongoing Support

    Online Support is available 24x7 

  • Professional 

    Receive qualified professional expert training.

  • Private 

    Take the journey in the privacy of your own space.

  • Mp3 Downloads

    All classes are downloadable.

  • (3) 30 Min Clearings

    It's a vital for ongoing success.

  • Discount Coupons

    Receive special discounts for ongoing sessions with Amirah.


  • Certificate 

    Receive Certificate upon Completion of training.

What You Will Discover...

  • Recognize and heal toxic relationships

  • Discover & heal insecurities by clearing energy 

  • Love yourself deeper, radiating profound light and magnetism

  • Unlock natural intuitive, manifesting abilities

  • Embrace empowering harmonious relationships

  • Learn how to tell truth from lies

  • Discover truth behind behaviors and attitudes

  • Master and enhance your natural spiritual abilities

All these PLUS we’ll show you the secrets to living a negative-energy free life.

How It's Different

Than Any Other Intuitive Training Out There

For unsuspecting persons seeking, there's a ton of bad training out there that will take your money on the click of a mouse!

  • Not fluffy "how-to" lists

  • It's an experience, not another download of junk

  • Gets you out of the head, into your heart

  • Balanced and grounded information

  • Not woo-woo

  • No scary stuff that's way out there

  • Gives the real scoop on inside truth 

  • Puts mastery into creating magic

Seriously...This is NO BS...this stuff works! It's not like a plastic toy made in China. It's deeper awareness, understanding and exploration that inexperienced teachers can't give you. 

Amazing Extras

So many times we fill our plates and never eat what's on it. These extras might feel like overkill but I want you to have the resources and support for every possible success on your journey of discovery and opening to the great unknown deep within yourself and beyond the five senses.

Manifesting Miracles 101 eBook

BONUS Copy of Amirah Hall's complete guided to understanding your chakras and their affect on your ability to manifest your desires.

Guided Meditations for Your Practice

Receive additional guided meditations that support your continuing practice cleansing aura, creating abundance and enrichment.

Quantum Energy Tools

You should absolutely be using these everyday and you cannot overdo this part of the practice. They are short and sweet and make you feel like a million bucks.

Praise for Training

Others before you have paved the way for you to step into your own intuitive and spiritual power as they have, making miracles along the way. 

Rita Ross

Intuitive Healer and Teacher

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Manju Nath

Life Coach / Standup Comedian

I now understand that all the answers to all my questions and decisions are inside me and I trust them. Connecting with my deeper self & emotions has helped me know myself, my strengths & weaknesses which are fundamental for growth. Clearing implants and beings actually made me think and act completely differently. This training has been truly transformational for me.

Francoise Rapp

Naturopath / Aromatherapist 

Before, I lacked of self-confidence and looked to others to validate my choices.

Now, I realize that I gave away my power to others! This training helped me connect with my authentic self and know for certain that I am making the right choices. I have a clear vision of my life, feel secure within and liberated to dream bigger, knowing I have the power to achieve my desires. In terms of my own naturopathic practice, my intuition is NOW accurate, dependable and vivid.

Deborah Rusk

Business Mgr / Property Mgr

The answers are really inside me as long as I know how to listen; Amirah taught me how to listen. Learning and using the Quantum Energy tools helped me understand the information I am provided by the Universe, receiving answers to my questions and interpret my inner voice. I learned to be confident in my assessments of people, places and situations, not second guessing myself.

Coleen Smith

Retired Nurse / Artist

I’ve always felt I was intuitive but now I’m able to visualize with incredible clarity and detail. Clearing my energy aura and chakra has been powerfully healing as I release being ‘perfect pictures’ and competition energy. Clearing communication blocks and judgment has been HUGE for me. There's so much more as every week was a new ah-ha!!! 

Kathy Ripsco

Luxury Home Property Manager

Before I put everyone else first and now without guilt, I am taking the steps support my spiritual growth. I communicate calmly without emotions running high, staying centered and taking time needed for myself! I love  using the Quantum Energy Tools. On a daily basis and noticing endless changes and shifts in small situations to major ones by utilizing these tools. I am manifesting more just by being vigilant and practicing my daily mediations; I'm making miracles everyday and I'm very grateful!

Global Energy Trainings 

From Timbuktu and back ... Here's just a few of my global group trainings 

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