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Clearing, Cleansing Energy Centers to Amplify Your Abundance, Creative, Love and Joy.

Here's what you're getting with MASTERCLASS SERIES and how it can help you NOW.

It's perfect for seasoned meditators and newbies too!

Clear Family Karma

Clearing Karmic Influences

Quickly Experience Old Patterns Dissolving 

Our family’s accumulation of lifetimes of experiences families are passed down through lifetimes that impact us in the present. Your ancestors may have had beliefs, judgments and thoughts about money success & wealth from an era that thought wealth was measured by how many cattle they owned. You will feel free, perhaps for the first time in your life. Be the first in your lineage to take on this task that honors and heals your family. Free yourself from the clutches that unconsciously bind and limit you in accessing your true power.

  • Clearing karma heals family relationships and how you think of them, shifting & changing relationships you thought would never heal..

  • Shift the way family members relate to you and each other, accessing a new level relaxation with healing on multiple levels.

  • Remove 7 key karmic imprints & cords  creating powerful magnetic force field that boosts your ability to manifest.

Improve Overall Wellness

Optimal Health & Wellness

For Pain Management, Vitality & Overall Longevity  

HEALING involves balancing your energy body that consists of the aura, chakras and energy meridians for optimal physical health and well being, pain management and vitality. Our energy flow affects how we feel, how we think, and the overall condition of our health situation. When the body's life-force energy becomes blocked, various imbalances will result. Blocked energy creates dis-ease, dys-function and death. Energy Medicine is Powerful Medicine!

  • Decreasing stress allows the bodies to restore itself, lessening aches, pains, illness and disease.

  • Create deeper happiness, satisfaction, and contentment

  • Increase focus, clarity, and productivity - Improving your overall vitality and zest for life.

Increase Financial Flow

Receive Abundant Financial Flow

Increasing Money and Prosperity  

Money is a mystery, but the gazillion dollar question is how do we attract it, keep it and grow it? Imagine an entirely new and exciting financial story, simply beginning from clear energy and beliefs.

  • Clear hidden financial blocks and reclaim your energy from energy drains, fears and regrets.

  • Release unconscious limiting beliefs, ideas and programming that block your money flow.

  • Reset your energy focus 'Giving & Receiving' in flow with Universal Law of Abundance.

Improve All Relationships

Manifest Love & Healthy Relationships  

Attracting Loving, Supportive, Fulfilling Relationships  

All relationships are based on ENERGY. Positive relationships reflect intimacy in every aspect of togetherness: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely. Whatever happened or happens, you have the opportunity and ability to heal your relationship.

  • The KEY to healing relationships is YOU--Clear hidden emotional blocks and reclaim your energy from energy vampires from your past..

  • Release unconscious and limiting beliefs that impact your self talk Reset your natural sexual energy force to flow at maximum capacity.

  • Release parental karmic ties that bind or limit your fullest expression of self. Step into the Self Love Zone.

Receive MORE Abundance  

Increase Abundant Receiving

Receive MORE By Feeling & Being Different

It's not about GIVING / DOING MORE in hopes of RECEIVING MORE but rather a NEW WAY OF BEING that brings more. POWER OF RECEIVING! This is truly a wonderful time shift into a new balance with our feminine/masculine energy of 'receiving and being'. Clear the 'scarcity quicksand', restore our energy to relaunch yourself with a new restored and reset abundance vibration. It all begins by raising your energetic ability to RECEIVE. If you focus only on ‘giving’, how are you able to receive.

  • Clear blocks and reclaim your energy from completed and uncompleted accomplishments.

  • Balance and reset your natural Feminine/Masculine Energy to present time.

  • Balance and reset your 'Giving & Receiving' energies.

Here's the program in a nutshell...

It's actually pretty simple...

  • Easy Download

    Receive the class bundle and listen to one each week in your PJs after the kids go to bed or anytime you declare some ME time.

  • Follow Along Meditation 

    With all these special tools in your bag, you have plenty to choose from to LOVE UP Your Life. The more you practice--the faster, better the results. Yes--Come to me baby!

  • 5 Hours Guided Journeys

    With all these specialized meditations in your bag, you can do one class per week. As you practice you will notice many shifts in your world. Get ready for the good times to roll in!

  • Step-By-Step Guidance

    All you have to is find a quiet time, sit down and hit PLAY. You are guided on a journey for your ultimate success. You are shifting your manifesting vibes into high gear. It's a blast.

  • Notice What's Different

    Sometimes it's tricky in the beginning, so be on the lookout for shifts in thinking, ways of doing things, feelings and how others treat you. Let go and have some FUN with this!

  • Deep Personal Clearing

    I gotta say these classes are not like anything else you may have done...They are deep, powerful and have far reaching benefits. Baby they be powerful!!!


Everything you need to immediately kick your manifesting energy into gear of creating more of what you want in your life and LESS of what you Don't Want! 

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Training Praise

Here's just a few students have shared about the results they are noticing.

Life Changing!

Jana Marie

 "Thanks Amirah Hall !!!! Your programs REALLY DO CHANGE PEOPLE'S LIVES. I just got engaged over the holidays and I'm over the moon excited to be marrying the man of my dreams. It's been an amazing journey and I highly recommend your training to anyone who feels stuck or uncertain of where they are going in their life!"  

Feel Like A New Person!

Jai Ram

Your masterclasses require some effort but doing the work is more than worth it. I always see POSITIVE RESULTS usually in several ways for days after doing clearing sessions with you or participating in your classes and meditations. What I think is so important is that immediate help is available right here when someone takes the time to sit with your masterclasses and other sessions, and focuses on doing the work of concentrating on following your guidance. First of all, by the end of the class ALL TENSION IS REDUCED and then later the SUBTLE CHANGES brought about by the sessions begin to be REALIZED. You are head and shoulders above the pack...and thank you for existing and being available for us.

I Feel Stronger


I LOVE these masterclass! they've been so HELPFUL going through my breakup--helped me process the disappointment in things not working out. I feel stronger in the area of love and am EXCITED about the idea of attracting the best love relationship for me. My spiritual healing practice is growing leaps and bounds & would recommend your techniques to any healer, empath, energy worker as they are PROFOUND and much needed to offer the highest vibrational energy to those in need of healing.

More Optimistic


Each of these classes is way more than I expected to experience. Since starting with them, I'm more optimistic and feel more empowered. I grew up with such a rigid home life where there was little room for self expression or independent thinking. Now I'm much more in the flow and it feels so good to have so much synchronicity popping up. 

Abundance is Popping


Overall I'm feeling happy for no reason. Before I started with the classes, I was feeling hopeless and discouraged. My thinking was pretty negative and limited but now I'm a glass-half-full girl. It's a pretty quick transformation into what feels like a whole new me. It's been a blast!

Major Change


Before, I lacked of self-confidence and looked to others to validate my choices.

Now, I realize that I gave away my power to others! I'm dreaming again knowing and feeling I have the power to achieve my dreams. It's a night and day difference for me.