Essential Meditations For Modern Living 




RELEASE dormant, stuck energy patterns that cause pain, suffering and keep you playing small. Awaken a deeper sense of yourself giving you more energy, confidence and creativity. These tools are an absolute necessity for balanced, conscious creations and an integral part in having a healthy aura.


What You Will Discover...

  • Restore your vitality and increase energy levels

  • Remove energy blocks and stuck patterns

  •  ​Conscious awareness of your energy field 

  • Empowering steps to protect yourself 

  • Effortlessly attract harmonious relationships

  • Release body aches and pains and feel more alive, happy and passionate

  • Discover how much more you can receive

  • Step into your spiritual power and make miracles

Navigate the unseen world ...

Learn to apply these secrets quantum tools for living a negative-energy free life.

That's affecting you whether you like to admit it or not. It's The Law of Attraction in action. As you begin releasing stuck energy, a whole new world reveals itself to you--along with a whole NEW YOU!

 Inside The SECRET Works that can truly change your life...

  • Grounding Meditation

    Grounding is an important and basic tool to heal the body, make it feel safe and comfortable. When you are grounded you can safely release foreign energies becoming more centered and balanced.)

  •  Replenishing Meditation

    Replenishing yourself is a vital quantum tool for vitality, confidence and centering. Recharging with your own life force energy makes you a powerful magnetic for what you desire.. 

  •  Magic Wand Meditation

    Collect foreign energy stuck in your body that’s creating dys-ease, dys-function or any undesirable situations and circumstances. The Law of Attraction says, ‘like attracts like’. Remove whatever is stuck in your space that is unconsciously creating for you on some vibrational level.  

  •  Stress Buster Meditation

    Combines ALL the QETools and offers a well-rounded go-to practice tool if you are short on time. Running earth and cosmic energy is like having a ‘energy shower’—it’s rejuvenating!  

  • Clarity Meditation

    Having clarity gives you control over your body allowing you to be aware and be able to clearly focus on what you want to create. Clearing your head helps you focus on what’s important, worry less and intuitively be guided with confidence. 

  • Healthy Boundaries Meditation

    It's an energy decoy, redirecting other people’s energy into it rather than your energy field. Most powerful technique for protecting your aura especially for Highly Sensitive Persons or Empaths.

  • Wellness Meditation

    Using the vibrational tone of color, reset your overall energy frequency to attracting your desires. Resetting your body, mind and spirit with color changes your experiences, the way you feel and act. Reset your own frequency by using the tone or frequency of color.

Guided energy clearing support for  daily practice and empowered manifestation. Aligning yourself naturally effortlessly creates abundance, activating Law of Attraction for positive affect.


Learn to clear, manage and keep out energy vampires!

Praise for Quantum Energy Tools

Here's just a few clients and students have shared about their benefits...

Energy Roto-Router


I've been using these tools for over 15 years now and they NEVER get old, outdated or ineffective. They are basics for every person that practices meditation or is just starting. They are a no-brainer! Just follow along--they are like rotor-router clearing energy channels and blocks.

Incredible! REALLY!


I'm a trainer and life coach. Words don't do justice to the far reaching effects and benefits that I've experienced from using these tools over many years now. I would never have believed how easy they smooth out life challenges and even body pains. This stuff is fun besides.

Aches & Pains Disappear


I'm an energy healer and incorporate these tools with my teaching as well. The more I practice, I feel better and better. Shoulder and pains seem to be less every day and I sleep so much better. They have so many uses you can never get tired of them.

Can't Live Without Them

Dr. Michael

As a very busy dentist, I cannot live a day without doing the energy tools practice. I use them faithfully and they have increased my productivity, patience and energy level. They are truly a godsend. 

They Are My Best Friend


Sometimes I have to push myself to doing my practice. But in the end, I'm always glad I did. I ALWAYS feel lighter and brighter after. I like they are short, sweet and pack the punch I need with my hectic lifestyle.

Everything You Need


These tools are simple. Just do it! They make the day seem brighter and people treat you better. The best part is that I feel happy for no reason. Now that's cool! These tools can take you to new spiritual heights.

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